Register A FREE Custom Domain (FreeNom) with GitHub Repository (Gitub Pages)

In This Post, I will Tell you how to setup a custom domain with a repo, where you hosted your website.
Let Us Consider Some Points First
  • the repository where you hosted your website is 'repo' ( & the files are in the branch gh-pages.
  • username' is your githueb usernam
  • The domain you want to add is ''

Let's Start

So, First of all visit your Repository. Click Settings.


Now, Under GitHub Pages Section, enter your custom domain ( and click Save.


  • Visit your Domain Provider. In this Tutorial, I have chosen that provide free domain names.
  • Now, Find Something Like, 'DNS','DNS Management','DNS Configuration',etc. where there is an option to add 'A' or 'CNAME' records.
Just ensure that the configuration looks like one below, by adding them.


That's it
Wait for 24-hours and your new custom domain will point to your github repo.

If someone visits, they'll be redirected to

Well Done!


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